Financing Your Growing Business

WEConnect International and Moody’s Foundation have come together to create a three-part, online training course designed specifically for growth-oriented women business owners, like you, to receive practical education and tools from wherever you are in the world! 

What you’ll learn in this course:

Module 1: How to Build Creditworthiness

  • How to asses the creditworthiness of your business, why your credit history matters to lenders and investors, and how to improve your credit in the long-term. 
  • How to interpret your financial statements to analyze the financial health of your company. 
  • How to calculate the key financial ratios that lenders and investors utilize to assess your company’s capacity to pay back a loan or produce a profitable return on investment.

Module 2: Determining Capital Requirement

  • How to build attainable and specific goals for business growth.
  • How to determine your company’s current capacity to grow and receive capital input through a comprehensive checklist and case study. 
  • How to assess your options for growth and determine the most profitable strategy to present to lenders or investors. 

Module 3: Preparing Your Company for Capital Input 

  • How investors, lenders, and buyers conduct their own risk analysis and due diligence before providing capital input or offering a contract. 
  • How to analyze different sources of funding to determine which option best suites your company’s current capacity and growth goals.
  • How to pitch for funding to an investor and create a capital plan to assess the feasibility of a growth strategy. 

This course includes several videos, activities, case studies, and quizzes designed to give you the tools to take the first step in accessing the finance needed to achieve your growth goals! 

This course is open only to self-registered or certified women-owned businesses in the WEConnect International network. Are you a business that is at least 51% owned, operated, and managed by one or more women? Consider registering for FREE to access this training.